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HoraData Analytics

What has happened so for?

What has just happened?

What is likely to happen?

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How to Achieve


Data Collection

Each device has its own format of data logs. When comes to an enterprise we would have a variety of data from variety of machines that needs to be combined/consolidated to get meaningful business insights. HoraData platform is built in with the capability of integrating such wide variety of complex machine data of huge volumes coming in various levels of velocity to deliver key business intelligence to customers.


Storage and Analysis

Data acquired through various sources are stored in distributed scalable big data infrastructure. The HoraData API provides you real-time visualization of incoming data. Reports are generated periodically which can also be customized as well. The important feature of HoraData platform is to let customers know what actually their business problems are i.e, the correlation alert notifications are set to give more meaningful insights into business problems which otherwise would not have been noticed or taken care of.



HoraData provides detailed data analytics. Using HoraData analytics, achieve very minimal downtime or Zero downtime. Using HoraData instead of preventive maintenance customers can shift into predictive & even pre-emptive maintenance schedules. The descriptive analytics feature is a key add on that makes customers understand their problems better than never before.


Business Intelligence

Enrich your data insights with HoraData and Integrate systems like BI, CRM, ERP and Helpdesk with HoraData operational intelligence to enhance business operation.

Understand your machine performance to build better products. With HoraData platform get better insights on problems faced by customers, the repetition pattern, and performance pattern and design new products wholly accustomed for your target customers.

Remote monitoring, Automated diagnosis & troubleshooting are the key value adds that come with HoraData analytics.

Who uses Horadata

Service Provider

OEM service providers who are selling IoT devices which need IoT Analytic Solution.


OEM who are considering Build Vs Buy Analytics Solution. HoraData can be implemented on private or public cloud infrastructure. HoraData IoT platform provides APIs for third party integration. Enterprises can use their existing third party service provider.


Industrial internet customers that makes wide variety of IoT enabled devices.